Gruber is not completely correct about Apple’s policy change

This post was sent to me about Gruber’s analysis of the new Apple policy (3.3.1) that stated that developers were not allowed to use third party development tools that could target multiple mobile phone platforms. We were looking into these currently and I have to say I’m quite miffed. Continue reading

Where is our CTO? And who really cares?

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a partner asking where our third partner and lead developer is. Like the rush of Niagara Falls, thoughts of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford taking off for Argentina and telling no one went though my head. Then there was Steve Jobs: He nearly died, and no one holding Apple stock, most of the value of which is Steve himself, knew anything about his condition.

Rest assured, Tom is not duplicating the efforts of either of the above shady characters. He is taking a rare break from developing device drivers all day, and developing web apps all night, to spend some time with his family.

I do not miss the twenty-something e-mails a day that each details some new, advanced system or method that gets Tom all excited, but which I could care less about. For one week I have been able to spend most of my time communicating with magazine editors, developers, and users in the tech blogs, continually trying to figure out what we can do for them. People are awesome. Life was never better.

Alas I fear the honeymoon is over, and I will be chastised for my marketing prowess and lack of high level tech insight any minute now…