iPad – The Conqueror

I went to Best Buy and they had the requisite four iPads to touch and feel and play with. Lots of kids/teens/college age. They were all over everything, the macbooks, iPads, everything that was there. It was “an event” for them. The fun they were having, the giggling, “makes” the sale as much as the device. It was like watching one the “cool, hip” commercials. Continue reading

iPad – uh yeah great name

Open letter to Mr. Steven Jobs:

This isn’t a pile on session, I’ve seen the ignorant bashing you incessantly.   I’m too tired). I’m not here to do the same.  Well of course I am. Its fun, its the NEW new thing to bash Apple for not providing everyone their own personal spaceship to Mars (see previous blog post).
iPad: This name, sucks. Continue reading