You want the car to start, or just the wiper switch replaced?

Regarding the following article:

Mechanics Seek Out ‘Right to Repair’

I am not surprised that the automakers continue to make car parts proprietary. This article talks about a Saab windshield-wiper switch that requires initialization before it can be installed. If it is not initialized, the car will not start. Now that is pretty extreme, but the automakers claim they do this to protect their trade secrets. It seems like a lot of effort to go through when designing a superior part that the cheap parts knockoff companies could not match would be the best protection for car parts sales. Independent mechanics are subsequently pushing for legislation that forces automakers to share their cars’ onboard computer data. I feel for independent mechanics, but if such a bill passed, could not the precedent be applied to all technology companies, and force them all, for similar reasons, to share their code? We shall see where this leads, but the cost for independent mechanics to collect all of the proprietary equipment to fix all makes of cars will probably never go down.

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