Steve Jobs, best of health. Tim Cook its time to man-up.

As you all know Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave. While we know he will stay informed of the new features and products at Apple, he needs to concentrate his energy on his health and his family. The only way for him to do that with a clear head is for Tim Cook to step up and control all aspects of Apple in a way that Steve can accept that its being taken care of as if Steve himself were doing it.

If Steve steps down in a more permanent manner, Tim can take the company in whatever direction he and the board feel it should go. But until then, everyone needs to pull in the same direction that they know Steve would go. Steve is important just because he is Steve, and not because he runs Apple and is the genius behind all of these industries he has dominated. The money, the Apple stock price, the products be damned. They don’t mean anything.

Our best to you Steve, and we wish strength and wisdom to Tim.

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