Droid will not assimilate you. Long live iOS.

TechCrunch is reporting that if you’re on iOS there is a 90% chance you have the latest OS version, but get this, if you are using droid, there is only four tenths of one percent chance (yes that’s correct) that you have the latest version of the Android Operating System.

We have talked about Droid fragmentation and holy smokes this underscores the mess that is called Droid. Actually, its not Google’s fault, they are actively upgrading and maintaining the operation system. The problem is with the handset makers and carriers (who contract for handsets). They are not going back, testing the old droid hardware with the new OS, and then updating the new OS. We wish it were not so. We love Linux and want it to proliferate.

There is obvious demand for Droid phones, regardless the reasons for buying Droid, which are as varied as for buying the iPhone from Apple. The only way out of this mess is for Google to contract with a/some handset makers and create one phone that will step up against the iPhone. Google should be able to be innovative in this space. I would recommend that Sergey stop buying companies and put his creative genius behind this problem. A second option is to open “Google Operations and Update Program” (GOUP) that will update the OS for high volume handsets. This way Google will be able to help the handset makers, and themselves, improve the image of Droid as a mobile OS.

Sergey, you can’t be pleased with this situation. Change it.

Update 1/20/2011 10:07pm

Well the boys pulled the trigger finally. Larry is going to run the company and Sergey is back to the creative work that he is genius at. Hooray, a return to a more exciting Google. Good work guys.

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