Dave Ramsey had a guy on that made a full time living from You Tube

Dave Ramsey is a financial guy with a radio show. He’s hard hitting, and very logical in the financial plan that he wants you to invoke. Mainly its get out of short term debt so you can make financial and life decisions from a position of strength.

Anyway, this guy calls up last week (Jan 10-14, but I can’t find the audio clip), and it sounds like he was making more than enough money for a full time job from You Tube videos. The gist of it was that You Tube (i.e. Google) revenue shares when your video goes viral. They monitor this and are proactive by sending you an email when it hits one of their thresholds. Then they put ads on your video and share the revenue with you. Cool.

Here are a couple of links about how to get started:
You Tube
Frank Furness
Making Hot Ice – Look at the number of views. People want to know how to do things.


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