iPad – The Conqueror

I went to Best Buy and they had the requisite four iPads to touch and feel and play with. Lots of kids/teens/college age. They were all over everything, the macbooks, iPads, everything that was there. It was “an event” for them. The fun they were having, the giggling, “makes” the sale as much as the device. It was like watching one the “cool, hip” commercials.

Anyway, my impression is that it is a larger iPlatform device. The larger size allows several things like a larger keyboard, and they had a piano simulator loaded. Pretty neat.

I also played pre-loaded video and YouTube video and it was seamless. No jitters. Very nice quality. Definitely a kid-in-the-car device. The kids will never again ask “Are we there yet”. Most likely they’ll say “Wait, I’m not done with my video. Do I HAVE to go into the hotel?”

I have big hands/fingers. Not FAT mind you, umm just big. I was in the market for a netbook. Something to hold in one hand and type with the other. Yes I can type pretty quickly with one hand. I know you can’t (and you’ll have other reasons why the iPad sucks), but that’s tough. I could type full speed. The key, it seems, is that the device is sensitive enough to notice my tapping on the glass.

Yes there were games, but I was looking more for productivity. I need to use this on the train ride into work. Have you ever tried to write while the train is jostling around? Not neat, and sometimes impossible to read. Voice is bad because others can hear what one is speaking into a voice recorder.

Overall, I “need” one. It would make the idea sessions that I have on the train more convenient to record. With the wifi I could email it back to the Guild.

If you’re not convinced, then you may not have a need so don’t get excited and buy one. If you don’t have an iPod, and have the cash (stay off the credit card) buy the iPad.

Edit 5/8/10 08:21pm EST

I’ve decided to get the 3G + Wifi model ($629). Lord help me if this happens to me. Help me . . . Spock. . . Help . . . me. . . .

3 thoughts on “iPad – The Conqueror

  1. How was the processing speed? Did it “fly” as Jobs claims?” From the looks of the demos, it appears to be a LOT snappier than a 2G iPod Touch. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks.

  2. It was very snappy to me. I wasn’t timing anything, but nothing was noticeably slow. Closing one app, and then selecting and running another was not slow to me. Faster than the 2G? Yeah I thin’ so.
    “Fly”? Well I would have to wonder what the meaning of that means. To me “Fly” means instantaneous or near-instantaneous operation. No its not like that. Its fast but not like my Quad Core which is near-instantaneous.
    It has a sharp display so it probably sucks some speed out of the CPU.
    To me and for my needs, definitely worth the price.

  3. Ok I’ve had my iPad for about a week and its still fun, slick, but above all useful. I one handed typed in an idea for an idea for when I write fiction. It was very quick. I listened to music at work through its speakers. Played a game on the train ride into and out of town. So a little bit of everything. Tonight I’ve provisioned it, and will load an app we’re developing for a client onto the device.

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