Flash on the iPlatform

Yeah yeah yeah, yet another “why Flash isn’t on the iPlatform” article points out some of the spurious points. The author points out “The facts remain, however, that the iPad will run HTML5 video inline today (and iPhone OS 4 this summer) without even getting warm to the touch while our laptops and multicore desktops turn into noisy miniature blast furnaces when the plugin spins up on their far more powerful hardware.” and yet the target must be the non-thinking public. Not the I.T. industry. This statement is ridiculous. Yeah the laptop gets hot, well, I don’t think the mobile devices have a spinning hard drive with close to a terabyte of storage, or RAM in the amounts necessary to run a regular desktop OS. This is laughable. In a need to be clear, one can do “so much more” with a laptop than with the iPad. Sorry fanboy.

So back to what was supposed to be the topic which is “Why isn’t Flash allowed on mobile devices?”. Well, to be direct. . . IT . . . IS . . . A . . . PIG. Yep I said it. Everyone dances around it, but that is the reason. Mobile CPUs do not have the power to run their OS as well as this virtual machine. That is truly all there is to it. HOWEVER, this is NOT Mr. Jobs’ issue with Flash. His issue is somehow personal and he, in some way, hates Adobe and wants to destroy it. Maybe when he was at Next, Inc. or the early days of Apple, when he was working on WYSIWYG technology that he was burned. Back then one HAD to PAY FOR fonts. Adobe had a lock on the early fonts.

I have to wonder if Steve is vindictive like this or not. However, the way Bill Gates did him in the early days, he probably playing Payback. Well, he has the right, and he definitely has the money to destroy some of his early foes. May I coin the term “Steve the Destroyer”?   Mwahahahaaaa I LOVE IT !

I would love to work with Steve or at least talk with him regularly. He doesn’t mince words, it seems. He demands excellence from his people, and he seems to pay them well for excellence. I say let the Apple machine crush their enemies under their treads. Most other companies that get large do that too. Apple is not different, why should they be? Google wanted to be different, it was for a while, and now it is like the rest of the companies. This truth is as inevitable as there is change in the Universe.

As far as HTML5 goes. I’m not an expert, but I’ve done a TON of Adobe Flash work. HTML5 addresses a small segment of what Flash offers. I would EXPECT it to be more efficient. It is the difference between a mobile phone OS and a Desktop OS. I don’t understand why this would be so profound to some people. I guess many people don’t think deeply. To all of you who love to think only about the surface of problems and offer only surface solutions, please grok your subject before talking about it. If Flash were only about presenting videos on the web then I would accept that HTML 5 is a replacement for Flash. Good luck to ya. Sounds like there is still “some” variance in “how” HTML 5 is implemented unlike in Flash that it is the same on all platforms. Just like PDF. The reason people use PDF is because one is guaranteed to have it displayed the same (or extremely similar to the original) on every platform where it is displayed. Flash runs the same everywhere. HTML 5 does not yet. Umm I would assert that HTML 4 does not, nor any of our standards. Microsoft always tries to muck up the works. Why do we not see articles that SilverLight (Microsoft’s attempt at replacing Flash) doesn’t run on platform XYZ? Because no one uses it.

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